Pioneering Collaboration between Premier Headache Center and Leading Comprehensive Neuroscience Center

Joint Press Release: 2/14/2024

Buffalo, NY, 2/14/2024 – Two of the nation’s most esteemed medical practices, the DENT Neurologic
Institute (“DENT”) and Diamond Headache Clinic, are excited to announce a groundbreaking collaboration.
This joint venture, based in Chicago, will focus on expanding infusion therapy services, behavioral health
therapies, and developing industry education and clinical practices for emerging neuroscience therapies.
The collaboration brings together the specialized expertise of Diamond Headache, the leader in headache medicine, with the comprehensive, cutting-edge neurologic insights of DENT. The DENT-Diamond partnership aims to enhance patient care through a shared commitment to innovation, research, and education.
DENT and Diamond will launch programs to provide training and education aimed at disseminating critical experience-based knowledge in drug delivery, and will be organizing educational meetings for healthcare practitioners and industry professionals alike. These events will cover a range of topics, including the latest research findings, treatment advancements, and best practices in launching new therapies in neurological care.
“This partnership represents a significant step forward in our mission to provide the highest standard of care to our patients. By joining forces with DENT, we are bringing together two innovative and forward-
thinking organizations to improve and advance the care delivery model, which in turn benefits our patients through the quality of care they receive,” said Dr. Merle Diamond, President and Medical Director at Diamond Headache.
“Diamond is a renowned leader in headache medicine and educational programming. When you pair
Diamond with DENT’s breadth of our neuroscience expertise and the depth of experience in infusible
therapy, our reach is far greater. This collaboration will not only benefit our patients but also contribute
significantly to the field of neuroscience,” said Dr. Laszlo Mechtler, Medical Director at the Dent Neurologic Institute.

About Diamond Headache Clinic

Diamond Headache is a world-renowned treatment center and the very first in its class that was founded in 1974, by a true pioneer, Dr. Seymour Diamond. Today, Diamond Headache is a team of expert clinical
leaders who are top-rated headache and migraine doctors and advanced practitioners, who believe in the same guiding principles that have set Diamond Headache apart from the beginning. In addition to multiple ambulatory clinics in the Chicagoland area and Wisconsin, Diamond is amongst the first headache and migraine treatment centers in the country to offer a complete and dedicated inpatient option for patients.

About the DENT Neurologic Institute

Founded in 1963, DENT Neurologic Institute is among the largest outpatient neurology practices in the
United States. With over 100 providers across 20 sub-specialty clinics and 4 locations, DENT treats over
1,300 patients each day, amounting to over 320,000 patient visits per year. DENT is an international leader in the field of neuroimaging. DENT delivers an open access model that provides better patients outcomes for this complex patient population. In addition, DENT oversees more than 100 clinical research trials, eclipsing many hospitals in Western New York.

About the Diamond Education Foundation

The Diamond Education Foundation was founded in 1987 and hosts three live meetings a year along with
online education. At each conference, DEF brings together multiple speakers to present CME approved
courses. Doing so, allows providers who are interested in migraine and other headache disorders to stay on the cutting edge of headache medicine as it evolves every day.

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solutions, and connecting various stakeholders to foster collaborations. Our core membership begins with those who buy and sell through NeuroNet GPO, but NeuroNet is open to all organizations and individuals who advocate for the inherent value of the private practice model for neurologic care.

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