Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you provide food and drink?

Yes. Daily breakfast, lunch, and refreshment breaks are available for attendees only. A badge is required for all meal functions.

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Do you book hotel reservations?

We do negotiate special room rates with each resort/hotel. Special room rates/group rates are only available to registered meeting attendees. You must register for the conference before you book your room reservation to receive special room rates. Special room rates are limited and are based on availability. Please look at the website or course brochure for each conference for pricing,...

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How can I get to the conference?

You are responsible for all transportation arrangements to and from the conferences. Shuttle services are available for reservation at your own convenience and expense – see more about available Shuttle Services for both conferences in Orlando, FL and San Diego, CA.

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Are your conferences family-friendly?

Yes. Our conferences are held at family-friendly resorts/hotels that offer great amenities. With family in mind, we purposely plan our conferences around weekends and summer vacation so that you may bring an accompanying guest or your family. Our conferences are also held near attractions or events for you, your guest or family to enjoy. Please see your course brochure to...

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How do I get my CME Certificate?

To receive your CME certificate, you must complete the Primary Care Network online evaluation form. This evaluation form will be e-mailed to you and will be made available on our website for the duration of the conference. Deadlines for the evaluation form varies per conference, so please be sure to check your conference brochure, meeting materials, and course syllabus to...

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How are my credits reported?

You are required to self-report your credits based upon the actual hours attended, this must be reported on the Primary Care Network online evaluation form. CME credits you claim will be validated via your registration and sign-in at DHC Course Registration Desk.

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